Salty Girl and the Long Dog

Custom Driftwood Wedding & Events Decor

Born and raised in coastal Maine, Cherie Herne is the founder and Chief Artist of multiple small businesses. After graduating from the Colorado Institute of Art in Denver, with a degree in a commercial art, she returned to Maine. She then began making a name for herself as a freelance craft artist.

Cherie is part mermaid! She’s salty and spicy and not afraid to roll up her pants and get her toes dirty. Her unique driftwood creations reflect the natural calm and beauty of a day spent by the seashore. It is the whimsical nature of Cherie’s artistic process, along with her keen eye for aesthetic elegance, that make her one-of-a-kind creations unlike any others.

From driftwood wedding arches to custom signs, Cherie’s work has come to be loved at many special events and beach homes across the country.

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